An Org contract serves as a smart wallet for US nonprofit organizations. It holds the organization's Federal Tax ID number as taxID, and allows for an address to submit a Claim struct to the contract whereby the organization can directly receive grant awards from Endaoment Funds.


constructor(uint256 ein, address orgFactory) - public

Create new Organization Contract
  • ein: The U.S. Tax Identification Number for the Organization
  • orgFactory: Address of the Factory contract.

claimRequest(string claimId, string fName, string lName, string eMail, address orgAdminWalletAddress) - public

Creates Organization Claim and emits a ClaimCreated event
  • claimId: UUID representing this claim
  • fName: First name of Administrator
  • lName: Last name of Administrator
  • eMail: Email contact for Organization Administrator.
  • orgAdminWalletAddress: Wallet address of Organization's Administrator.

approveClaim(string claimId) - public

Approves an Organization Claim and emits a ClaimApproved event
  • claimId: UUID of the claim being approved

rejectClaim(string claimId) - public

Rejects an Organization Claim and emits a 'ClaimRejected` event
  • claimId: UUID of the claim being rejected

cashOutOrg(address tokenAddress) - public

Cashes out Organization Contract and emits a CashOutComplete event
  • tokenAddress: ERC20 address of desired token withdrawal

getTokenBalance(address tokenAddress) → uint256 - external

Retrieves Token Balance of Org Contract
  • tokenAddress: Address of desired token to query for balance

orgWallet() → address - public

Org Wallet convenience accessor


  • CashOutComplete(uint256 cashOutAmount)
  • ClaimCreated(string claimId, struct Org.Claim claim)
  • ClaimApproved(string claimId, struct Org.Claim claim)
  • ClaimRejected(string claimId, struct Org.Claim claim)
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