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About Investment Portfolios

Deploy charitably contributed capital
Not content letting philanthropic capital sit idly by while you find the perfect organization to support? Easily deploy dollars from any Endaoment Fund into board-approved DeFi protocols and crypto onchain assets.
You can grow philanthropic capital over time and increase the amount you're able to grant out to 501(c)(3)s. You can enter any portfolio that is below its cap at any time, and exit whenever you are ready to grant out funds.
A cap is the Endaoment-wide limit for the amount of assets (measured in dollars) that can be deployed in a particular portfolio. Caps are used to ensure that Endaoment remains compliant with prudent investment standards and board approved risk levels.
While all portfolio options go through a rigorous vetting process and must be board-approved before being made available to Endaoment users, it's important to remember that all portfolios always bear some risk. Please make sure to consider these risks before deploying fund capital. In order to safeguard overall platform assets, Endaoment retains the right to force exit any portfolio position at any time, as described in the Crisis Response & Emergency Action section of Endaoment's Investment Policy.
When deploying assets into a portfolio from a fund, you will decrease the grantable balance of that fund. Grants can only be made using USDC from within a fund, so you'll need to exit or decrease a portfolio position in order to grant out the capital associated with that position.

Investment Portfolios Fees

Major providers often require large minimum investments and charge exorbitant fees on all available options.
At Endaoment, there is no minimum investment size! DAFs are charged a nominal fee that covers the cost of maintaining the onchain infrastructure as we grow the philanthropic capital.

0.25% Entry Fee

When assets are moved into a portfolio position, the associated DAF is charged 0.25% of the USDC denominated for deployment to support Endaoment's work.

0.25% Quarterly Fee

While growing philanthropically contributed capital, DAFs are charged 0.25% per quarter on Assets in Protocol (AiP), the total value of assets deployed into portfolios, in order to support Endaoment's work.

0.00% Exit Fee

To encourage the movement of philanthropic capital off the Endaoment platform and into the hands of other 501(c)(3)s, we're committed to maintaining fee-less exits from all portfolios.

Brokerage Fees

Our brokerage partners apply a nominal fee on top of Endaoment's fees discussed above. This fee is variable based on the portfolio's underlying asset, and is displayed on a portfolio's page and inside transaction summaries to provide you transparency and assistance when making decisions about new allocations.
If you're looking for information on donation and grant fees, check fee-schedule.