Migrating your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to Endaoment transitions your charitable giving into the decentralized finance ecosystem, unlocking a host of benefits associated with blockchain technology. As a trailblazer in the crypto web3 arena, Endaoment provides a modern platform for managing your charitable contributions with enhanced transparency, efficiency, and onchain financial tools.

Below is an outline of the benefits and the steps involved in migrating your DAF to Endaoment:

Benefits of Migrating to Endaoment

Migrating your DAF to Endaoment provides you with a streamlined, secure, and modern platform for managing your charitable contributions. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Transparent Management: Every transaction and operation related to your fund is recorded and can be reviewed easily for total transparency.

  2. Flexible Contributions: You have the ability to contribute to your fund using a variety of assets, expanding your options and making contributions easier.

  3. Expanded Global Reach: Leverage Endaoment’s relationship with US 501(c)(3) GlobalGiving to support over 4000 international organizations, extending your philanthropic impact globally.

  4. Enhanced Impact: Enhance the impact of your gifts by leveraging Endaoment’s Universal Impact Pool, which tracks all platform activity and quadratically matches donations at the end of each quarter. Learn more about Impact Pools here.

Migration Process

Migrating your DAF to Endaoment is designed to be a hassle-free process to ensure your philanthropy continues without interruption. Follow the steps in our DAF Migration wizard, accessible from our homepage (see below), and share your grant recommendation with your existing DAF provider.

Upon completion, share the details with your current DAF provider.

All DAF migrations necessitate sharing the following information with your Donor Advised Fund provider:

  • Your name

  • The name of your fund at Endaoment

  • The amount to be transferred

  • Our DAF Migrations account information

    • Account beneficiary: Endaoment
    • Routing number: 091311229
    • Account number: 202384704442
  • Our EIN number: 84-4661797

You can also generate an email to your current Donor-Advised Fund provider to facilitate the process - just fill out the details (identified by curly brackets) and add your DAF provider’s email. Note that the generated email will come pre-populated to admin+daf-migration@endaoment.org. You can also copy this text directly from the bottom of this document.

At Endaoment, migrating your DAF is not just a transition; it’s an upgrade to a modern, efficient, and globally connected charitable fund management platform. Contact us with any questions!

*Endaoment does not offer tax advice. For tax-related concerns, please consult with a licensed tax professional to understand the potential impact of migrating and contributing to a donor-advised fund on Endaoment.

To Whom it May Concern,

Hello there! I'm getting in touch as I'd like to migrate my Donor Advised Fund (a grant recommendation for my fund's balance) to my DAF at Endaoment.org (EIN: 84-4661797). Please refer to the details below and copy admin+daf-migration@endaoment.org on any correspondence that requires Endaoment's input.

DAF Account: {Your current DAF account number or name}
Grant amount: {Size of migration/grant you'd like to transfer to Endaoment}
Endaoment's Banking Information:
  - Account beneficiary: Endaoment
  - routing number: 091311229
  - account number: 202384704442

When issuing the grant to Endaoment.org, please add the following restriction:

This grant is restricted for the use of funding {your name}'s {your fund's name} DAF held at Endaoment.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

{Your name}