A direct donation is a straightforward gift made from your connected wallet to a nonprofit organization via Endaoment’s smart contract. This method bypasses the need to establish a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF).

With direct donations, your assets are sent to the chosen nonprofit in a single transaction. Often, you may be able to deduct the full value of your gift to offset taxable income, similar to the benefits offered through a DAF.*

The process is akin to donating to a fund: simply select the asset and amount, and indicate if you’d like to receive a tax receipt.

Select the asset, amount, and check the box if you’d like a tax receipt.

Direct Donations are channeled through the Endaoment Direct Donations Community Fund to the compliant 501(c)(3) nonprofit of your choice.** This streamlines the tax deductibility of your gift and quickens the delivery time.

All direct donations must be unrestricted gifts. If you wish to place restrictions on your gift, you’ll need to create a DAF.

*Endaoment does not offer tax advice. Consult with a licensed tax professional to understand the impact of making a direct donation.

**Gift delivery is subject to the nonprofit maintaining compliance and good standing with the IRS.