Contributing to a Community Fund furnishes the identical tax-advantageous stature and benefits akin to a donation to a DAF, albeit with a few distinct variances:

  • Community Funds are open to the public - they welcome contributions from anyone.

  • Unlike an individual steering the fund, grant recipients for Community Funds are recommended collectively by a community within Endaoment. Some funds have their grant recipients curated by fund managers focusing on a particular cause, while others rely on their community members to propose potential grant recipients.

The structure of a Community Fund can vary, tailored to the preferences of the fund’s advisors and community members.

Please be sure to read through the description of the community fund you are donating to so you are aware of exactly how and where your donation will be granted.

Exemplary Community Funds

The Stand With Asians Community Fund emerged from the collaborative efforts of Pplpleasr, Uniswap, Endaoment, and the ensemble at Stand With Asians. When a benefactor donates to the SWA fund, the advising board deliberates on the organizations to receive new grants. This fund mandates a 3-month impact update from the grantees. All grants dispensed from this fund resonate with the central theme of aiding the AAPI community.

The Crypto Carbon Offset Fund is an endeavor between Endaoment and three eminent nonprofit carbon offset entities:, The Cool Effect, and The Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Designed to equally apportion grants among these nonprofits, the fund enables them to directly procure carbon offsets.

Protocol Community Funds

Endaoment’s Community Funds are on a trajectory to evolve into protocol-managed entities. This implies transitioning from a handful of individuals or community leaders recommending grants to a structure where Endaoment’s Protocol Community Funds decentralize fund management to the deliberation of the associated DAO.

Endaoment’s novel approach to Community Funds transcends traditional philanthropic avenues, carving a unique niche in the nonprofit realm. We at Endaoment are thrilled to continually refine our products, broaden our spectrum of offerings, and render this service to our community.

Starting a Community Fund

In order to start a community fund, you’ll fill out a typeform application and get in touch with us. After review for compliance with the above policies, we can adjust your fund so that its visible to anyone with the URL, and searchable in app and externally (after sufficient time has elapsed for it to be indexed and added to our sitemap).

If you have any questions about community funds, please feel reach out.