About Community Funds
A critical next step for crypto philanthropy and Donor-Advised Funds
Community Funds are similar to DAFs with all the same perks as well as tax-free status, but with a few key differences. Community Funds are open to the public - anyone can make donations into them. Rather than an individual advising the fund, Community Funds are managed by Endaoment communities that collectively recommend grant recipients. In some cases, non-profit recipients are tailored by the fund managers toward a specific cause, while other funds rely on their community to generate lists of potential grant recipients.

The details of how a Community Fund is structured differs based on the preferences of that fund's advisors and community members

The Stand With Asians Community Fund is a product of the collaboration between Pplpleasr, Uniswap, Endaoment, and the team at Stand With Asians. When an individual donates to the SWA fund, the advising board for the fund makes a decision on which organizations should receive new grants. This fund requires grantees to provide a 3-month update on the impact grants received. Grants made from this fund all share a common theme in providing assistance to the AAPI community.
The Crypto Carbon Offset Fund is a collaboration between Endaoment and the US' three leading nonprofit carbon offset providers, The Cool Effect, and The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, and is designed to equally distribute grants amongst the aforementioned non-profits, each of which would immediately use those funds to directly purchase carbon offsets.
Please be sure to read through the description of the community fund you are donating to so you are aware of exactly how and where your donation is being granted.

Protocol Community Funds

The next progression of Endaoment's Community Funds is to become protocol managed; rather than a few individuals or community leaders recommending grants, Endaoment's Protocol Community Funds decentralize the management of the fund to the deliberation of the associated DAO.
The Rari Capital Foundation is the first true Protocol Community Fund and recently underwent its first decentralized grant recommendation. Governed by $RGT holders with deliberation taking place on Rari Capital's governance forum, the Rari DAO voted to make its first donation to Khan Academy.
Donor-Advised Funds in the unique structure of Endaoment's Community Funds are unlike any philanthropic vehicle across the entire non-profit landscape. At Endaoment, we are very excited to continue to innovate our products, expand our offerings, and provide this service to our community.
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