Donating Directly to Orgs
Donate your crypto directly to a non-profit from your Ethereum Wallet

What is a Direct Donation?

A Direct Donation is a gift made from your connected wallet to a non-profit on that organization‘s Endaoment profile. Direct Donations are tax deductible - we're happy to send you a tax receipt if requested.
A donation is an irrevocable gift of cryptocurrency to Endaoment. We take your contribution, exchange it for USDC via decentralized exchange provider Uniswap, and route it to the charity of your choice (funds delivered as USDC or USD per their preference). After the exchange is completed, we email you a tax-deductible receipt detailing your gift.

Step 1: Search for the Organization

Navigate to Endaoment and connect your wallet. Then, click Organizations in the upper right-hand corner of the window. Search for the organization of your choice and click on the org's card to be brought to their Endaoment profile.
Navigate to the Organization index page by clicking Organizations from the home page
Search for an organization using the search bar, click the org to be brought to their profile page
NOTE: If an organization's contract has not been deployed yet, Endaoment will ask for you to help cover the deployment cost for creating the organization's contract address. If that's the case, see "Onboarding an Organization" below, otherwise skip to Step 2: Input Donation Information. You will be able to tell if this is required based on the Not Deployed flag which can be found under the organization's name on their profile.

Step 1.5: Onboarding an Organization (if needed)

Onboarding an organization is a one-time process that will allow you (and all other Endaoment users) to recommend grants to the organization. You'll be automatically prompted to deploy the organization's contract if needed.
On the Org profile, click deploy
A pop-up window displaying the cost estimate of deploying an address for the organization will appear. Simply confirm the transaction using your wallet, and once that completes, you'll see the pending transaction in the upper right hand corner of the window, as shown below.
Pending transaction will show in upper right hand corner of the window

Step 2: Input Donation Information

At this point, you'll have the opportunity to determine the size of the donation you would like to make to your chosen organization as well as the asset you'd like to give.
On the Organization's profile page, click Donate Now.
Now, select Donate From Wallet to make a Direct Donation. Be sure to choose the correct asset you'd like to donate. Once you have finished entering the data, click Donate then confirm the transaction with your wallet.
Click Donate from Wallet to begin the Direct Donation process
Select the asset, amount, and tick the check box if you'd like a tax receipt.
All donations made via Endaoment are tax-deductible, and cannot in any way pay for non-tax-deductible donations.
Non-tax-deductible donations are things like tickets to a gala, or attendance at a golf outing (learn more at the IRS website). Signing this statement with your wallet affirms that you are not receiving any benefit that would cause the donation to be non-tax-deductible as required by law. By agreeing to our terms, you are agreeing to the below:
This grant recommendation does not represent the payment of any pledge or other financial obligation. I/we will not accept any benefits or privileges offered in connection with these grants, including good and services (such as auction items), admission to charitable events, dues, or membership, other than a religious institution. This grant is not intended to be combined with my/our personal check to support my/our attendance, or that of others, at a charity's event. I agree the following donation is irrevocable and for the charitable, educational, or religious purposes under the sole discretion of Endaoment.
If a tax receipt is requested, you'll be asked to provide some additional identifying information. Finally, you'll be prompted to confirm the donation and initiate a transaction from your connected wallet.
Confirm the donation information listed in the modal, including personal information if you are requesting a tax receipt
After confirming the transaction, you'll see the transaction pending in the upper right hand corner of the window.
If clicked, you'll be able to view pending transactions
Finally, when you see the below screen, you know that your direct donation has completed!
Congratulations, you have completed a Direct Donation! Funds will be en route shortly.