Donating Directly to Orgs

Donate your crypto to a nonprofit

What is a Direct Donation?

A Direct Donation is a gift made from your connected wallet to a nonprofit.
A donation is an irrevocable gift of cryptocurrency to Endaoment. We take your contribution, exchange it for USDC via decentralized exchange provider Uniswap, and route it to the charity of your choice (funds delivered as USDC or USD per their preference). After the exchange is completed, we email you a tax-deductible receipt detailing your gift if requested.

Step 1: Search for the Organization

Navigate to Endaoment and connect your wallet. Search for the organization of your choice using our advanced filters, and click to be brought to their Endaoment profile.
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Step 2: Input Donation Information

On the Organization's profile page, click Donate Now.
At this point, you'll have the opportunity to determine the size of the donation you would like to make to your chosen organization, the asset you'd like to give, and its source.
First, choose it's source: this can either be a connected EVM wallet like MetaMask, a Donor Advised Fund you've created at Endaoment, or via an exchange or cold storage wallet for other types of gifts. For assets coming from an exchange or cold storage, or when donating an NFT, simply follow the instructions in the app once you've selected your donation asset. Below, we'll cover EVM-compatible wallet donations.
Once you've selected the donation source as your EVM wallet, be sure to choose the correct asset you'd like to donate and whether or not you'd like to receive a tax receipt. Note that you can also optionally share your e-mail with the recipient charity, who may want to thank you for your donation.
Once you have finished entering the data and have confirmed the estimated donation value, adjust your tax/address information if needed (and save to your profile if desired) and click Proceed to Confirmation. Finally click Donate, and sign the transaction with your wallet, as shown below.
Note that you can click View Transaction once broadcast to view on the details
ETH Donation
If you are donating an ERC-20 asset, there will be an additional transaction to confirm as you first need to grant access to those tokens before you can complete the donation. This step is not required when donating Ethereum (ETH).
All donations made via Endaoment are tax-deductible, and cannot in any way pay for non-tax-deductible gifts or obligations, nor can they be associated with any other benefit to the donor.
Non-tax-deductible gifts are things like tickets to a gala, or attendance at a golf outing (learn more at the IRS website). Signing this statement with your wallet affirms that you are not receiving any benefit that would cause the donation to be non-tax-deductible as required by law. By agreeing to our terms, you are agreeing to the below:
This grant recommendation does not represent the payment of any pledge or other financial obligation. I/we will not accept any benefits or privileges offered in connection with these grants, including good and services (such as auction items), admission to charitable events, dues, or membership, other than a religious institution. This grant is not intended to be combined with my/our personal check to support my/our attendance, or that of others, at a charity's event. I agree the following donation is irrevocable and for the charitable, educational, or religious purposes under the sole discretion of Endaoment.
When that transaction completes (click the transaction modal to view the etherscan link), you will have completed your direct donation! Data on the org's profile page will update accordingly, and funds will be transferred to the organization once our diligence process is completed.