Donating to a Fund
Fund your DAF with a donation of cryptocurrency using the Uniswap applet

What's a Donation?

A donation is an irrevocable gift of cryptocurrency to Endaoment. We take your contribution, exchange it for USDC via decentralized exchange provider Uniswap, and deposit it in your new Donor-Advised Fund. After the exchange is completed and deposited, we email a tax-deductible receipt detailing your gift.
Endaoment is the only completely on-chain Donor-Advised Fund provider! Operating on the Ethereum blockchain means all actions occur quickly, and are publicly verifiable using a blockchain explorer like Etherscan.

Step 1. Navigate to a Fund

Now that you have your DAF set up, simply navigate to Endaoment's site, login, click My Funds, and then select the Fund you created in the Opening a Fund step as shown in the screenshot below.
First, click My Funds to be brought to your dashboard
Then, select the fund you'd like to donate to

Step 2. Make a Donation

You can now determine how to make your donation. On the Fund page, click Donate
Click Donate on the Fund page to make a donation
You'll now have the opportunity to select the type of currency you'd like to make a donation of and receive as estimate of the final trade output value. Simply follow the prompts, confirm the donation amount, and approve the transaction in your wallet. Please note that all your donations will be automatically converted to USDC upon completion of the deposit so it can remain stable in value.
The minimum donation amount is $500
Determine the asset you want to make a donation of and the amount
Check the donation details and confirm the donation using your wallet
After confirming, you can close the window and return at your leisure. Everything is happening on the backend, and you'll be notified when the process is complete.
Please be patient, a number of transactions need to be mined on the blockchain in order for your DAF to be funded. This may take some time, depending on how quickly transactions are being mined globally.
You'll be able to see the pending donation in the fund's donation activity as well as on the wallet pill
While most DAFs are built on a model of annual fees that can add up to 5%+ per year, Endaoment's fee structure is built on a lifetime maximum fee of 1.5%; 0.5% on inbound donations and 1.0% on outbound grants.
This incentivizes throughput; keeping the preponderance of funds in a DAF moving to the organizations and communities that need it most.
Once complete, you'll see the grantable balance update on the fund page
Congratulations on funding your DAF - now it's time to recommend some grants.
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What's a Donation?
Step 1. Navigate to a Fund
Step 2. Make a Donation