Opening a Fund
Open a Donor Advised Fund on Endaoment's app

What's a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is how you'll make gifts to Endaoment and where you'll recommend grants to other organizations. This tutorial will use your connected Ethereum Wallet to deploy a new DAF smart contract on-chain.
Read more about what a DAF is and how DAFs work: About Donor-Advised Funds

Create a DAF

Once your wallet is connected, navigate to Endaoment's landing page, and click on Start a Fund as shown in the screenshots below
Start a Fund right from the Endaoment homepage
You'll now be asked to fill in your fund name and purpose (which are only ever visable to you) as well as some contact information. When done, click Create Fund and Confirm the Transaction using your wallet
Read more about how we handle your data: Personal Data Usage & Storage
Fill out your information and click Create Fund
Confirm the transaction using your connected wallet
After confirming, you'll see the fund pending deployment on your dashboard
Once the fund is deployed, this modal will appear and take you to your fund
Finally, your fund will be deployed and you'll be ready to make donations!
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What's a Donor-Advised Fund?
Create a DAF