For any urgent issues, please reach out to us by emailing and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

I can’t find a nonprofit organization, what should I do?

Some orgs have different names registered with the government than the name they do business under. If you know the organization’s EIN # you can always navigate to it by visiting:

If you do not know the organization’s EIN # you can look it up on the IRS’s Tax Exempt Organization Search, or be in touch and we can help you figure things out.

How do I donate an NFT?

We support all kinds of crypto asset donations, including donations of NFTs! For NFT donations, we ask that folks get in touch before making the donation so we can discuss details first.

The token I want to donate isn’t showing up.

We support most tokens with a Uniswap exchange contract.

Don’t see a token you’d like to donate? Email and we’ll be in touch with potential fixes.