Getting Started

Learn how to start your crypto-philanthropy journey at Endaoment

Step 1. Claim your Organization

In order to access dollars granted to your organization, you'll need to first claim your organization on Endaoment. Once that's set up, we can begin the process of transferring funds to your organization!
All organization URLs on our site are organized using the IRS assigned EIN:

Step 2. Withdraw Granted Funds

Once you have claimed your organization, you will be able to withdraw any granted funds that have been approved by Endaoment. If you haven't received any grants yet, time to get the word out. When you do, you'll have two options in terms of the withdrawal:
1) You can pay a $15 wire fee (deducted from the granted amount) and have the funds directly deposited into a bank account as USD.
2) You can have the funds transferred to your organization's cryptocurrency wallet for next to nothing* as USDC.
*Costs will vary depending on Ethereum network load