Claim Your Organization
Claim ownership over your organization so that you can withdraw granted funds
Connect to the Endaoment app and take ownership of your organization in order to prepare for or claim granted funds from Endaoment DAFs.

Step 1. Navigate to your Organization's Endaoment Page

Navigate to Endaoment. Click Organizations in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
Click Organizations from the Endaoment landing page
Search for your organization and confirm this is the correct organization by checking the EIN.
Use the search bar to search for your Organization, then click on the org card to be brought to the org Profile Page

Step 2: Submit your Claim

Once on the org details page, click Is This Your Organization? as shown below.
At this point, you'll be asked how you'd like to set up your profile depending on how you would like to receive the granted funds; currently, you can either choose to receive either a USDC payment made to your digital wallet or a wire transfer to your bank account. While we cover the cost of the USDC transfer, you will be charged $15 (the grant award will be reduced) for each requested wire transfer.
Select which type of payout/claim method your organization prefers
If making a claim using the Bank Wire method, you do not need an Ethereum wallet

Bank Wire Transfer

If you choose to receive US dollars through a wire transfer, you'll need to enter both personal and banking information using the form shown below.
Please make sure when entering your organization's bank info that you use the ABA routing number, not the ACH routing number.
Fill out all Claim information then click Claim Organization to Submit the Claim
Once you have completed the rest of the form and click Claim Organization you are all set - Endaoment staff will be in touch if there is any further action needed.


If you choose to receive USDC, you'll need to copy your Ethereum wallet address you'd like to claim the organization with. Using that address for the organization's wallet address field, complete the rest of the form and click Claim Organization. After submitting, confirm the transaction using your connected wallet
Fill out all Claim information then click Claim Organization to Submit the Claim
You'll see a record of your wallet claim on the org profile page

Step 3: Await Approval and Donations

Once your claim is approved, we'll reach out to let you know. Afterwards, whenever a grant is approved by Endaoment, we'll reach out to the main contact on the account and get you set up to accept the granted funds. Feel free to send your donors in our direction if they are looking for methods of donating cryptocurrency to your organization.
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