Withdraw Granted Funds

Withdraw granted funds from Endaoment's platform to your wallet or bank account
At Endaoment we offer you two options: withdraw to your organization's bank account via bank wire (as US dollars) or to your organization's cryptocurrency wallet (as USDC). This can only occur after you go through the Claim Your Organization step as only approved fiduciaries can withdraw on behalf of their organization.
While both options offer generally similar experiences, there are a few key differences.

Withdrawal via bank wire

If you want to opt for a more traditional method of getting the funds to your organization, you can supply us with your bank routing and account numbers and we'll process the wire for you.
Bank wires typically complete in 24-36 hours.
NOTE: Bank wires cost $15 each which is deducted from the granted amount. Grants will be distributed when donated balance meets or exceeds $40.

Withdrawal via Ethereum wallet

Transferring to your organization's crypto wallet is not only faster than using a bank wire, but it's significantly cheaper and represents the future of online monetary transactions.
Supply us with a wallet address and we'll take care of the rest. The transaction occurs almost instantaneously and we cover the transfer cost.
NOTE: Additional diligence is needed for withdrawal using a Crypto Wallet in order to perform identity verification.