Fee Schedule & Comparison

At most Donor-Advised Funds, you get charged based on assets held in your DAF. Depending on your DAF provider these fees can reach as high as 5%+ annually.
We think your donated assets should make their way to organizations, rather than sitting in a DAF racking up fees.
Instead of charging annual fees based on assets in your DAF, we charge a 1.5% on total contributions, and do not charge fees on idle USDC.
If you're looking for information on investment portfolio fees, check About Investment Portfolios.

No Minimums

Major providers often require a minimum fee of $500, plus a minimum donation of $5,000 or even $25,000 to open a DAF.
Opening an Endaoment Donor-Advised Fund only requires the 1.5% fee of total contributions (see breakdown below) and covering the cost of creating your Fund's contract address on the Ethereum blockchain (~$15).
Donations and grant recommendations have no minimum size!

0.5% Inbound Fee

When you initially deposit cryptocurrency into your DAF you'll only pay 0.5% of the USDC generated from the sale to support Endaoment's work.

1.0% Outbound Fee

After a grant recommendation is approved by Endaoment, we'll send along your funds less 1.0% of the total granted amount to support Endaoment's work.
If you make a Direct Donation on an organization's page, you are making both a donation and a grant recommendation simultaneously; both fees are applied concurrently.

Industry Fees Comparison

US DAFs, on average, grant out 22% of their initial value each year. In the below scenario, imagine a donor who gradually drew down on their DAF over the average ~4.5 year period.
The result: total lifetime fees for Endaoment users is 1.5%. Comparable fees at other DAF providers are larger and continue to accrue over time. Even the most price competitive DAF providers in the industry would end up charging upwards of 2.5% during the same time period, 65% more than Endaoment!
We think the current industry standard goes against the original spirit of DAFs by keeping money in the fund instead of granting directly to nonprofits in need. That's why we chose to earn the majority of our fee-based revenue when you deploy your DAF capital into the organizations & communities you care about.

Partner Fees

At Endaoment, we work with a number of partners to help connect us to a variety of impact oriented organizations. Occasionally these partners have pre-existing relationships with these organizations and charges additional fees, like fees on donations received or associated with subscription services.
In 2023, we penned an agreement with the US 501c3,GlobalGiving, which enables us to add over 3,500 international organizations to our list of charitable endpoints. GlobalGiving retains 5% of donations raised by their partner organizations through Endaoment in order to sustain their own operations and provide services like fundraising workshops, community building, and disaster response.
Also in 2023, our technology provider,, penned an agreement with The Giving Block to enable nonprofits on TGB's platform to receive donations made via Endaoment’s platform to their existing wallet set up. TGB has independent agreements with each of their supported organizations, and each is associated with its own fee level.
We're in the process of marking GlobalGiving and The Giving Block supported organizations within our application for transparency, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out.