Fee Schedule & Comparison
At most Donor-Advised Funds, you get charged based on assets held in your DAF. Depending on your DAF provider these fees can reach as high as 4%+ annually.
We think your donated assets should make their way to organizations, rather than sitting in a DAF racking up fees.
Instead of charging annual fees based on assets in your DAF, we charge 1.5% of total contributions.

Low Minimums

Major providers often require a minimum fee of $100, plus a minimum donation of $5,000 or even $25,000 to open a DAF.
Opening an Endaoment Donor-Advised Fund only requires covering the costs of creating your Fund's contract address on the Ethereum blockchain (~$15). No donation required.
Donations to an Endaoment DAF must meet specific criteria, but can be significantly smaller than other DAF providers. We set the minimum dynamically for each gift, based on the estimated cost of liquidating your gift. This can range from $100-$500 depending on network congestion.
Grant Recommendations also have low minimums at $100 per grant.

0.5% Inbound Fee

When you initially deposit cryptocurrency into your DAF you'll only pay 0.5% of the USDC generated from the sale to support Endaoment's work.

1.0% Outbound Fee

After a grant recommendation is approved by Endaoment, we'll send along your funds less 1.0% of the total granted amount to support Endaoment's work.

Industry Fees Comparison

US DAFs, on average, grant out 22% of their initial value each year. In the below scenario, imagine a donor who gradually drew down on their DAF over the average ~4.5 year period in equal increments, the time period differs slightly because of the different fee structures.
The result: total lifetime fees for Endaoment users is 1.5%. Comparable fees at other DAF providers are larger and continue to accrue over time.
Fewer Fees = Enhanced Grant Impact
We think the current industry standard goes against the original spirit of DAFs. That's why we chose to earn fee-based revenue when you deploy your DAF capital into the organizations & communities you care about.
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