What is a Portfolio Position?

A Portfolio Position is a deployment of charitably contributed capital into one of Endaoment’s approved investment options. You can grow philanthropic capital over time and increase the amount you’re able to grant out to 501(c)(3)s. You can enter any portfolio that is below its cap at any time, and exit any portfolio at any time.

While all portfolio options go through a rigorous vetting process and must be board-approved before being made available to Endaoment users, it’s important to remember that all assets bear some risk. Please make sure to consider these risks before deploying fund capital. In order to safeguard overall platform assets, Endaoment retains the right to force exit any portfolio position at any time, as described in the Crisis Response & Emergency Action section of Endaoment’s Investment Policy.

Step 1: Navigate to Fund

Navigate to the Endaoment fund you are the manager of which you’d like to deploy capital from. One on the fund’s page, click New Position on the right side of the page, and you’ll be presented with a modal requesting details of the portfolio position you’d like to create.

Step 2: Deploy Portfolio Position

After clicking New Position, you’ll be presented with a modal where you can input the specifics of the position you’d like to create. Here, you can select the amount of capital to deploy as well as the portfolio you’d like to participate in by entering a dollar figure.

Please note, that Endaoment employs the use of caps - a cap is the Endaoment-wide limit for the amount of dollars that can be deployed in a particular portfolio. Caps are used to ensure that Endaoment remains compliant with prudent investment standards and board approved risk levels. Provided your newly deployed capital doesn’t push Endaoment above a cap, you’ll be able to confirm the deployment.

Step 3: Edit/Exit a Portfolio

At any point after deploying a portfolio position, you can adjust that position to increase the amount of capital in that portfolio or move capital bank into your Donor-Advised Fund so you can either create new portfolio positions or create and distribute grants to your favorite nonprofits. In order to adjust a portfolio, simply click Edit Position and adjust the new amount you’d like in that portfolio. In order to completely exit the portfolio, simply set the amount to $0 in the Edit Position modal.