Getting Started
Learn how to start your crypto-philanthropy journey at Endaoment

Step 1. Open a Fund

Opening an Endaoment Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is fairly straightforward. Provide some basic info about yourself and send us a small payment of ETH to cover the deployment cost of the contract.

Step 2. Make a tax-deductible donation

Once you've deployed a DAF contract, fund your DAF with a donation of cryptocurrency.
All gifts are an irrevocable donation to Endaoment and cannot be withdrawn or used for any other purpose besides grant-making out of a Donor-Advised fund.

Step 3. Support nonprofits now and in the future

Once you have a DAF set up, you can make grant recommendations to nonprofits of your choosing.
We take care of the due diligence to make sure the grant is going directly to the organization's leadership either as USD or USDC, depending on their preference.

What’s special about Endaoment DAFs?

Our model focuses on throughput; moving the preponderance of funds in a DAF to the organizations and communities that need it most.
While most DAFs are built on a model of "administrative" and "investment" fees that can add up to 5%+ over the life of the DAF, Endaoment is built on a lifetime maximum fee of 1.5%; 0.5% on inbound donations and 1.0% on outbound grants. See our Fee Schedule & Comparison for more information.
Last modified 3mo ago