Connecting to Endaoment
Connect to Endaoment's app using an Ethereum-enabled wallet
In order to interact with Endaoment's web-application you'll need to have an Ethereum-enabled wallet provider installed in your web browser. You'll also need some ETH to open a DAF, donate, or recommend grants.
We currently support MetaMask and Wallet Connect

Visit Endaoment's Website

Once you have your wallet all set up, head to Endaoment. On the main landing page, click Connect then select your wallet provider. Finally, click Sign Message to complete the process, as shown in the screenshots below.
Click Login and select your preferred wallet provider
Click sign message and confirm the transaction using your wallet
Once you see identity confirmed you're all set!
Once you do, your wallet will be connected with the Endaoment website and you'll be able to easily connect each time you visit us. You can verify you are connected using the correct wallet by clicking on your wallet address in the upper right-hand corner of the page as shown below.
Your connected wallet is shown in upper right hand corner of all Endaoment pages
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