Commitment to Our Mission

Endaoment is committed to revolutionizing the landscape of finance generally and philanthropy specifically through the power of blockchain technology. Our mission aims to seamlessly integrate charitable endeavors with cutting-edge financial, consistent with, and within the limits of, our charitable, educational, and scientific purposes as defined within the meaning of 501(c)(3). At the heart of our vision is the creation and support of systems that bridge the gap between conventional financial & charitable practices and the transformative potential of decentralized finance.

As a pioneering force, we are dedicated to exploring and establishing a new paradigm where financial vehicles, including community foundations, are enhanced through onchain integration. Our approach is holistic and forward-looking, ensuring that every initiative we undertake, whether in the realm of philanthropy or finance generally, is imbued with innovation, inclusivity, and integrity. We are committed to setting new standards in how financial services can coalesce in the digital age, benefiting a wide array of stakeholders.

In essence, Endaoment stands at the intersection of technology, finance and generosity, continuously striving to expand the possibilities of how blockchain technology can serve us better. Our mission is not only about what we do today but also about paving the way for a future where this synergy creates impactful and lasting change.

Values and Principles

Our values and principles are the driving force behind our mission and the foundation of our organizational culture. These include:

  • Inclusion: Elevating diverse voices and fostering an environment where people from varied backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives are not only welcomed but are essential to our impact.

  • Engagement: Creating systems that encourage philanthropy and heightened involvement between grant recipients and donors, recognizing the power of close collaboration.

  • Respect: Listening deeply and treating each other with kindness, valuing the ideas of those within and outside our community.

  • Throughput: Focusing on efficiently moving donated funds to nonprofit organizations, minimizing fees and overhead, and aligning our organizational incentives with the goals of DAF holders for maximum impact.

  • Collaboration: Learning from and with our partners to achieve meaningful impact, understanding that our collective efforts are the key to our success.

  • Participation: Building a strong impact through collective determination of best practices surrounding governance and oversight, leveraging new ways to collaborate and enhance our capacity for good.

These values guide our strategic decisions, shape our interactions, and inform our approach to governance and operations. They encapsulate the essence of Endaoment’s identity and commitment to shaping a better future through innovative philanthropy.