I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the Conflict of Interest Policy of Endaoment, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. I agree to abide by its terms and uphold the highest standards of integrity and stewardship in my role. I understand that Endaoment operates with a commitment to transparency, ethical conduct, and compliance in all its activities to maintain trust and confidence in its mission of facilitating charitable donations. As such, I recognize the importance of adhering to these policies to ensure that Endaoment continues to meet its philanthropic goals and maintain its status as a trusted and effective nonprofit organization focused on tax-exempt purposes.

Personal Information

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  • Position/Title: [Your Position/Title at Endaoment]

  • Department/Unit: [Your Department or Unit]

  • Date: [Date of Submission]

Disclosure Statement

1. Personal and Family Business Relationships

  • Description: Detail any personal, family, or business relationships that you or your family members have with Endaoment. Include the nature and extent of these relationships.

2. Ownership Interests

  • Entities: List any entities in which you or your family members hold ownership interests that might present a conflict of interest with Endaoment.

3. Positions of Influence

  • Roles: Identify any positions of influence you or your family members hold in other organizations that do business with or compete with Endaoment.

4. Charitable Engagements

  • Organizations: Disclose any fiduciary roles or significant contributions you or your family members make to charitable organizations that may receive support from or provide support to Endaoment.

5. Other Relevant Relationships

  • Details: Provide information about any other relationships or situations that might constitute a conflict of interest or be perceived as such.

Financial Interests

  • Details: Describe any financial interests or benefits that you or your family might have that are related to Endaoment’s activities.

Involvement in Decision-Making

  • Details: Explain your role in decision-making processes at Endaoment related to any of the disclosed conflicts.

Action Taken

  • Mitigation Measures: Describe any measures you have taken or will take to mitigate any potential conflicts of interest.


I declare that the information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I commit to update this disclosure promptly should any relevant changes in my circumstances occur. I understand that failure to disclose or properly manage a conflict of interest may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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For Office Use Only

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  • Review and Comments:

    • [Comments or actions taken by the reviewing officer]

Please return the completed form to the Endaoment Ethics Office at ethics@endaoment.org.